Stacy Bohn

Stacy Bohn

Stacy Bohn

Landscape Designer


Bachelor of Science – Industrial Technology w/emphasis in Model Making, Bemidji State University


  • 40-hour hazardous waste training
  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED


When I first started my career, I created detailed mechanical drawings for an industrial HVAC company based in Minnesota. I specialized in complex roof designs and drawings that our shop would use to build custom air handling units. Eight years later, I joined an environmental consulting company, working side by side with exceptionally talented engineers to move their creations from conception into AutoCAD – making them possible to build. I thoroughly enjoyed contributing to a positive impact on workers’ health in the manufacturing world. Now with LandWorks, it’s exciting to apply my skills in yet another drafting direction … this time to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that our clients can enjoy. I love the outdoors and am happy to be combining my drafting skills with the beauty of nature.


I believe in making the world a better place to live for generations to come. My work allows me to replace a little of what is destroyed every day around the globe and bring nature to the forefront of everyday life through beauty, function and education. I am passionate about what I do and love that I am able to incorporate something I care so deeply about into my daily work life.


Having grown up in the small town of Northfield, Minnesota, I grew up around farms. I have always enjoyed animals and often sought out work that got me outside, working with my hands – like my stint on a dairy farm where I was personally responsible for milking 300 cows. I am someone who learns by doing, so diving right in and getting into the mud suits me just fine. I took an early liking to horses and grew up riding and caring for them. I also enjoy playing soccer and spending quality time outdoors with my husband and boxer, Lucy. A move to the east coast after college stirred up my love of the ocean. I enjoy getting back to the beach whenever I can. Most recently I have taken a strong interest in photography and drone flying, and hope to someday find a way to incorporate these new-found hobbies into my professional life.

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