An exercise in patience, an opportunity for serenity

An exercise in patience, an opportunity for serenity

Landscaping in the time of Covid-19

Like everyone else in the world, we at LandWorks are adjusting (and re-adjusting) to life and work through a pandemic.

It’s easy to be swept away by the stressful and scary things we’re all facing – but when we can, we pay attention to the good things: the natural world’s unstoppable beauty . . . the privilege of working outside . . . the adaptability of our crews . . . and the accumulating effects of many small decisions that provide hope that this, too, shall pass.

As an essential industry, our teams are working hard to stay on track with spring clean-ups and looking ahead to starting mowing visits in the next few weeks. We have construction projects underway, and our designers are finalizing plans on more projects to come.

Soon, our teams will be planting petunias and banana trees, zinnias and canna lilies, creating displays that bring into focus the whole spectrum of color.  From a work standpoint, we are so thrilled to be able to keep our people working and providing for their families and contributing to a more beautiful environment.

We’ve had to make many adjustments to our work procedures that have certainly complicated things: one person in a truck, 6’ social distance between everyone at all times, sanitized tools, and so many more.

As guidelines are fine-tuned and we become accustomed to the protocols, we will continue to evolve. Our focus is always on the health and safety of our people; please don’t hesitate to ask about our procedures if you have any concerns.

In the meantime, we sincerely hope you take the time to appreciate nature: A few minutes surrounded by trees and plants can change your whole outlook on the day, and reduced stress helps to bolster your immune system.

Now is the time to find zen in our own backyards . . . to finally read a book under that tree that drew you to your property . . . to enjoy time around an outdoor dining table with our loved ones.

How often did we long for simplicity and time? Now, no one is running off to practice or meeting up for working dinners or flying away for conferences.

We’re here, now – and we have so much to appreciate.

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