The summer of 2020: Creating beauty in our back yards

The summer of 2020: Creating beauty in our back yards

It’s easy to feel shell-shocked from all that’s been encompassed in 2020. But we want to take a few moments to reflect on some of the really beautiful things LandWorkers created this year.

Following the great pause that was early spring, we’ve been busy making vacation spots in the back yards of clients all over the region. When you can’t travel much, you can find there’s another lovely option: making home the best, most beautiful destination possible.

Here’s a brief round-up of just a few of 2020’s highlights.

Piet Oudolf and Roy Diblik Collaboration

Our very own Chris Miracle and John Klatt made this wonderful opportunity happen. Piet Oudolf – the internationally acclaimed Dutch landscape designer known for the Lurie Garden in Chicago, the High Line in New York, and other famous prairie-style gardens – created the plan.

Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farm right here in Burlington grew the native perennials. LandWorks installed them in a landscape that our team has been building over the last couple of seasons. It was a “career-making” project, and we are so proud of what our creative staff has been part of.

Over the next many seasons, we will use Roy’s guidance to maintain the garden as intended; that is to say, as little as possible. His methods insure that the prairie will establish itself in a healthy and dynamic way that will eventually require very little “people intervention” compared to traditional perennial gardens.

If you’re the kind of plant nerd we are, definitely check Roy’s YouTube channel. He’s a prolific speaker and writer, and his generous collection of online materials will help get some of us through the darker days of winter.

Crew Members Making It Work

Everyone in the world has had to change the way they live and work this year. Our maintenance and construction crews are among them, and they make us so proud. Their kids were home, family members were laid off, they had to drive their own vehicles, they had to keep everything clean and sanitized – and, through it all, they got out there every day and made magic.

Well, it looks like magic . . . but it’s really hard work, and they are the best.

2020 WLCA Awards

We were thrilled to receive a slew of awards – all six “Golds” – from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) earlier this year. Award winners from the LandWorks team were treated to an evening at the Wisconsin Club just before the world shut down, and it was wonderful to reflect on our team’s incredible work.

Fall is a time for winding down – yet, at LandWorks, we’re just gearing up for our next projects. We hope you’re looking ahead, too, and finding much to be grateful for.

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