Amy Scheper

Amy Scheper

Amy Scheper



Associates Degree, Horticulture & Design, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Also studied Botany at Western Illinois University

Areas of expertise

  • Native plants and Sustainable Landscape Practices
  • Creative seasonal color and container planting design
  • Landscape management for residential properties

Career Philosophy

I love helping clients create beautiful outdoor spaces that are perfect for their lifestyle and reflections of themselves. I specialize in exceptional client communication & customer service and believe in getting things done, with kindness, the first time.

A significant part of my career philosophy has to do with my belief that I have a responsibility to the earth. I believe that if we take care of it, it will take care of us.

I believe in reducing invasive species and increasing native and beneficial plant species. As an amateur “bird nerd,” I also enjoy having the opportunity to increase native and beneficial pollinator and bird populations through selecting the appropriate plant species.


In my most recent role as a customer service representative for LandWorks, I bring a strong field background and a knowledge of all aspects of the green industry.

I love field work and understand what it means to get your hands dirty. Moving into direct client service now gives me the opportunity to further bridge the gap between field crews and customers to bring the best possible service and care to our clients. I’m also excited to bring my plant knowledge and customer service skills to the table to really give our clients the best possible outcome, experience, value and ideas for their outdoor living spaces. Container gardening and creative seasonal color design is one of my loves in the green industry! I adore it!

Personal Interests

There’s nothing like putting your hands in the dirt and your face in the sun! I love being outside; taking a little hike, having a weekend in a tent or a swim in the lake. You can find me putzing in my own gardens or with my pots on my porch. My husband and I enjoy traveling with our teenage daughter to all of her fast pitch softball games and cheering on all the girls. I also enjoy floral design, reading, music, cooking and trying to bake, though I’ve yet to bake a cake that couldn’t be turned into a door stop. Finally, I’m a huge dog lover, and I really dig car rides and long walks with my Saint Bernard, Doze and my mutt, Bax.

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