Andrew T. Herndon, ASLA

Andrew T. Herndon, ASLA

Landscape Designer


  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University

Certifications & Affiliations

  • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

Areas of Expertise

  • Residential and Public Use Design & Implementation


Career Philosophy

I find that many people work very hard on the interior of their home and have accomplished great things. The home becomes a true expression of who they are – yet outside spaces can lack this expression of individuality and character. Through your input, I create a considerate environment that envelopes its users. The design’s success is measurable through the “pull” of the space. Are you drawn to this location visually, emotionally and physically? If so, then the design is a success.


I play an integral role throughout the course of your project, providing knowledgeable, professional guidance through the entire process.

As the designer for your project, I ensure the design’s success. Existing elements that affect the design are noted and compiled onto a plat survey and/or aerial photography. When putting pencil to paper, your wants, needs and goals are at the forefront of my mind. Once the creative design solution is found, a computer-drafted plan is then meticulously created so that accurate estimates are produced for your consideration. Design review meetings, paired with reviewing estimates, provide an opportunity for you to make adjustments, further ensuring your goals are artfully achieved. 

I regularly visit and communicate with your landscape foreman on implementing every detail of your plan. After construction is complete, I review the project with you and make sure that all the goals were met. Working together as a team, we’ll create an extraordinary space, just for you.

Personal Interests

I have many hobbies and interests. My lovely wife is trying to convince me to whittle them down to just a couple. Alas, I currently enjoy guitar, long-range canoe trips, fishing, painting, BBQ (low and slow), photography, and developing my own landscape, as well as reading books on minimalism, theology and leadership – and I’m foraging into wood turning. Most of my time away from work, however, is spent with my kiddos. I want to make these years count.

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