Jim Arshem

Jim Arshem

Jim Arshem

Chief Executive Officer


  • Highland Community College
  • Northern Illinois University

Areas of Expertise

  • 20 years of retail nursery/garden center sales and leadership
  • Strong focus for operational-process driven activities
  • Commitment to excellence while serving our clients’ needs/expectations
  • Bringing diversely focused teams together to accomplish collaborative goals

Career Philosophy

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, whose shade you do not expect to sit in.” Nelson Hendersen

I believe everyone can/should have a positive impact on our future.

I grew up on a farm and in a home where cultivating, planting and harvest were a way of life. We always had a huge garden that sustained our family. That’s a passion I got from my parents and I still have it today. By the age of twelve I started my own lawn mowing business, which ultimately helped pay for my college education. Lawn care and maintenance became another life-long passion of mine. I have always enjoyed growing things and maintaining a healthy yard, soil, trees and plants at my home. So it is easy for me to feel passionate about what we do at LandWorks, but, most importantly, I get to do it with a lot of people that feel exactly the same!

Personal Interests

My wife Linda and I have two adult sons, Austin, a senior at Whitewater and Alex (AJ), who recently added a wonderful daughter-in-law, Stephanie, to our family. We are both active in our church and our community, serving on several leadership committees in differing roles. We enjoy golfing, reading, gardening, biking, walking and doing home-improvement projects.  I am blessed with opportunities to serve on mission teams as an adult ASP leader for the past 10 years, and with the Disaster Relief team helping people whose lives have been affected by natural disasters.

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