Leigh Cierzan

leigh cierzan

Leigh Cierzan



Bachelors Degree; Marketing, Communications and Mass Communication; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Master Gardener

Areas of expertise

  • Landscape management of residential properties
  • Creative garden design for new and existing landscapes
  • Seasonal color displays
  • Holiday decorating

Career Philosophy

My lifelong passion for nature and plants started when I was a child working alongside my grandfather and my mother in their gardens. I was fascinated by the sheer variety of plants they grew and can vividly remember the excitement of watching the plants grow and thrive as the summer went on. The joy of gardening has never left me. I spend as much time as I can working in my own yard, trying out new varieties of annuals and perennials, and combining textures and colors to create my own backyard oasis. What I enjoy most about being a part of the LandWorks team is having the opportunity to design and maintain landscapes that are constantly changing, maturing and becoming more beautiful season after season.


My priority as a Client Service Representative is to provide my clients with a personalized service experience, striving to build professional, long-lasting relationships in the process. My focus is to provide creative suggestions and direction in the areas of maintenance, landscape renovation, seasonal color and holiday decorating. LandWorks’ support of continuing education allows me to attend courses and seminars that cover the latest technologies, new plant varieties and maintenance practices. It is important to me to constantly learn more about what’s new in the industry so I can share that knowledge.

Personal Interests

I enjoy spending time in nature, walking with my dogs or biking on the beautiful trails in the area. I love to entertain my friends at home, enjoying my backyard patio in the spring, summer and fall or sitting around the fireplace in the winter. Traveling in the US and Europe to visit friends is something I look forward to every year. I love the change of seasons, and the variety of activities that Milwaukee has to offer throughout the year.

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