Michelle Goodeve

michelle goodeve

Michelle Goodeve

Client Service Representative


Bachelor of Science, Organizational Behavior/Business, Northwestern University

Areas of Expertise

  • Landscaping with native species
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Pollinator Gardens


  • Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA)
  • McHenry County Conservation District
  • Openlands Lakeshore Preserve
  • Wild Ones environmental education organization
  • Wildflower Preservation and Propagation Committee (WPPC)

Career Philosophy

Never stop pursuing your passions! Throughout my entire career, I’ve been committed to providing clients with exceptional service and exceeding their expectations. In my position with LandWorks, I’m finally able to marry that commitment with my love for the environment.


I’ve always been in love with Nature. Growing up in Chicago, I was fortunate to have a relatively big yard for the city. My mother would often encourage me to go “play” outside (looking back, I think she just needed a break from raising an only child!). I would spend hours tending our small garden, watching the bees fill their legs with pollen, or sometimes even talking to the HUGE sunflowers. Fast forward to adulthood, and I installed my first certified monarch waystation in 2003. I have been amazed at the variety of life that small patch has sustained and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m always attending seminars and talks and looking for help to enhance my outdoor world.

Personal Interests

I have a soft spot for the discarded. I often find myself adopting those in need – that could be an unwanted plant, an antique, or a helpless animal. Luckily, my partner Norm tolerates all of these additions to our already full house. When we’re not tending to our small menagerie of critters, we enjoy gardening, cooking, hiking, concerts, the arts, and star gazing!

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