Patti Bauer

Patti Bauer

Patti Bauer

Production Team Lead, Maintenance


Business Management – Michigan Tech

Horticulture – MATC



WLCA Mastering Foremanship

ProHealth Care Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion


My landscape career started at LandWorks in 1998 when I was hired as a Maintenance Crew Member.  I have worn many hats over the years including Maintenance Crew Leader, Design-Build Field Supervisor and Director of Employee Development.  I assisted with the development of our safety program and am a permanent member of our Safety Committee.

Career Philosophy:

My goal is to maintain a team-oriented, positive and safe work environment.  I am driven to understand what motivates and inspires each individual on our maintenance production team so I can put them in the right situation, provide the training and support so they can succeed and enjoy a rewarding career.

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