Caring For Your Fresh Christmas Tree


  • It is best to keep fresh trees away from heat sources; however, design sometimes dictates a less-than-ideal spot for the tree. If yours had to go near a heating vent, plan to take it down shortly after Christmas, as it will be “crispy.”


  • Your LandWorks crew made a fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk before installing it into your tree stand. This helps with water absorption.
  • The crew will also water your tree as soon as it is in the stand.


  • Your tree will require lots of water, especially in the first several days. If it is left to dry out early on, it will not absorb water later.
  • Check the tree stand for water in the reservoir, and keep it topped off.
  • It is normal for a tree to go through 2 (or more, depending on size) gallons of water during the first day in the house.


  • Trees do not need any additives in the water. Sugars and other “feed” for the tree only create bacterial build-up and can actually reduce its longevity. The tree is not growing, so it doesn’t need nutrients.

Just as the warm joy of the holiday season passes quickly, so too will the freshness of your Christmas tree. We recommend installing it as late as you can wait, and removing it as soon as your festivities are over. Dried-out trees are a fire hazard at worst, and they’re messy at best.

Don’t forget to set up a time for LandWorks to clean it all up for you!