Caring For Your Plants


  • Early morning is the best time to water.
  • Thoroughly water plants once or twice a week, applying an average of one inch per week. Adjust schedules based on rainfall.
  • Using your fingers, check the soil moisture several inches down prior to watering. Too much or too little water can place stress on the root system.
  • Apply water at the base of your plants using a slow trickle from a hose. Consider the size of the plant and root ball when determining amount of watering time per plant.
  • Note soil conditions and terrain. Clay soils hold more water than sandy soils, and sloped areas will require more water due to runoff.
  • Continue watering your plantings, especially evergreens, until the ground freezes.


  • Most trees, shrubs and perennials require only an annual feeding.
  • Annual flowers require more frequent fertilizing – every two weeks during the growing season.

Weed Control

  • As a result of soil disturbance, expect more weeds in your planting beds during the first year of establishment.
  • Regularly remove weeds by hand to prevent competition with new plantings.
  • For easier removal, weed after rainfall or watering.
  • Avoid the application of chemical weed control in or around new plantings.


  • New plantings should be allowed to establish before significant pruning is done. Remove broken or damaged branches only.
  • Spent blossoms on perennials and annuals should be removed to encourage re-blooming.

Pest Control

  • Monitor plants regularly for any insect or disease problems.
  • Rabbits and deer feed on many new plantings, especially during the winter. Install fencing, netting or apply repellents when necessary.

What to Expect:

Be patient, and remember the old adage: “The first year it sleeps; the second year it creeps; the third year it leaps.”

Your LandWorks Representative can answer any questions and provide specific plant care recommendations for your property.

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