Melody Narr celebrates everyday magic

Melody Narr celebrates everyday magic

When Mel and Tim Narr started LandWorks out of their home 21 years ago, Mel’s spirit and energy infused the company with creative energy that persists to this day. At the Narr home – Moon Valley Farm – every moment gets celebrated with intention, and that nod to the magic of life bleeds into everything we do.

Here are a few things inspiring Mel now…

Mel’s morning routine is a must: “Sunrise. Coffee. Solitude. It points me in the right direction spiritually and mentally, and helps me be the best possible me.”
The view from the Narrs’ Moon Valley Farm front porch appears frequently in Mel’s photography and sets the stage for memorable family gatherings.

Mel loves to celebrate the seasons and holidays. “It can be very simple … sitting on a lawn chair and watching the sun set the very first warm day in spring, barbecuing all summer long, making a big deal out of birthdays, first bonfire in the fall … We have epic Thanksgiving meals, and I spend lots of time creating a sparkling magical home during the holidays.”

After the new year, Mel makes a few simple tweaks to transition her cozy, sparkling décor into a mid-winter tablescape that feels fresh and seasonal.

LandWorks designers frequently find earmarked magazines in their inboxes, invariably with a note from Mel about something she found to inspire a particular project. These scraps often spark ideas that take on a life of their own, whether they’re incorporated into a garden or simply a vibe we want to channel personally or professionally. She particularly loves Southern Living, The Cottage Journal, and Garden & Gun.

A cardinal munches on snow at Moon Valley Farm – it looks like he nibbled the crabapples off the branches at some point, too.

Are you looking for ways to continue celebrating the season during the long, cold late winter days? Get inspired and give us a call. We’re creating midwinter tablescapes and arrangements for clients in February and March.

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