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The summer of 2020: Creating beauty in our back yards

It’s easy to feel shell-shocked from all that’s been encompassed in 2020. But we want to take a few moments to reflect on some of the really beautiful things LandWorkers created this year. Following the great pause that was early spring, we’ve been busy making vacation spots in the back yards of clients all over Read More

An exercise in patience, an opportunity for serenity

Landscaping in the time of Covid-19 Like everyone else in the world, we at LandWorks are adjusting (and re-adjusting) to life and work through a pandemic. It’s easy to be swept away by the stressful and scary things we’re all facing – but when we can, we pay attention to the good things: the natural Read More

Conquer invasive species, help birds return, thrive

Cardinals are a thriving native species of songbird, but other birds have become more rare as habitat loss becomes a bigger problem. Photo by Melody Narr.   If you feel like you’ve heard less birdsong than when you were a kid, there’s a reason: The North American bird population has declined 30% since 1970, according Read More

Melody Narr celebrates everyday magic

When Mel and Tim Narr started LandWorks out of their home 21 years ago, Mel’s spirit and energy infused the company with creative energy that persists to this day. At the Narr home – Moon Valley Farm – every moment gets celebrated with intention, and that nod to the magic of life bleeds into everything Read More

lounge chair in yard

Dreaming of summer

Make your dreams happen this year Let’s start planning! Call LandWorks today: 262.820.2501

Fountain aglow

Winter magic is in your backyard

As we reflect upon 2019, we are struck with many reasons to be thankful: We work with amazingly talented and enthusiastic crew people, our clients give us the opportunity to create beautiful spaces, and our work connects us to southeast Wisconsin’s buzzworthiest people and places. Our projects over the year were vast, but one in Read More

Autumn Has Arrived

Enhance the natural beauty! Extend your beautiful outdoor season with stunning autumn displays. Call LandWorks today: 262.820.2501

It’s Summertime!

Are you ready for outdoor living? Let LandWorks make your patio perfect, your landscape lovely, and your gardens glorious!   Call LandWorks today: 262.820.2501

Think Spring!

Think Spring! and special times with family and friends. May we help you plan your colorful gardens, lovely patios, and summer landscape projects? Call LandWorks today: 262.820.2501

winter pruning

Winter Pruning

Wintertime is dormant time, the perfect time for trimming and shaping for the health of your trees and shrubs. Call LandWorks today: 262.820.2501 Winter pruning takes place through March.

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